Dogs in the Classroom Program

Yes, dogs can be (and should be) part of the educational process. What can children learn from and with dogs?

  • reading
  • writing
  • listening
  • concentration
  • coordination
  • balance
  • following directions
  • being kind, caring and gentle
  • lightness of touch
  • grace and courtesy
  • practical life skills
  • love of nature and animals

These are just some examples. Meet Oliver and Lola, the two Boston terriers who have been trained in the Montessori environment. They are available for bookings to visit your school/center. Call: 650-283-0428. Serving Round Lake, IL and beyond.

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Kindergarten Program

Ms. Oksana is a certified Montessori Teacher and has been teaching for more than 10 years. She designed a highly successful Kindergarten program tailored to children 4.5 – 5 years old. The program’s objective is to prepare children to enter Elementary. The Program includes, but is not limited to:

  • Language (reading and writing)
  • Math
  • Science
  • Geography
  • Civics
  • Social science
  • Emotional competence

Especial attention is given to: proper pencil grip, phonemic awareness (foundation for reading), confidence, love and care for animals, will power and self-esteem.

Ms. Oksana is offering private Kindergarten classes on a limited basis.

Location of classes: Round Lake, IL

For more information, please call: 650-283-0428 or submit a form below.

Yoga Program

yoga for kids with Ms. Oksana

Ms. Oksana Koval offers a variety of classes in the Yoga program for kids and adults. She is a certified yoga for kids instructor and a Montessori certified teacher. Currently, she offers Yoga for Kids program. See details in the brochure attached.  New Yoga Brochure

For more information, please contact Ms. Oksana at 650-283-0428 or submit a form below.

Dance for Kids Program

Ms. Oksana has designed Dance for Kids Program. This is a pop dance class in the Kids Bop style. Children practice their gross motor skills while learning fun choreography to some of the most popular songs. Examples: “Thunder”, “Can’t stop the feeling”, “Seasons of the Year”, “Nae Nae Dance” – these are just some of the most favorite dances by kids.

Age: 4+

Requirements: Ability to follow instructions, 100% potty trained.

Ms. Oksana has been a dancer for many years and taught Dance for Kids classes in the Montessori After School Programs.

To request a class at your school/space – contact Ms. Oksana at 650-283-0428