Animals in the classroom and focusing

I noticed that on the days when Oliver comes I children are more likely to focus on their work. They try to move around the classroom with more caution and keep the noise level down. They know he has sensitive ears! He comes in from time to time and our Montessori classroom transforms into a focusing environment. Just take a look at this concentrated work: multiplication with Oliver, the dog, by your side. Notice that even the dog has to follow the rules like keeping his body off the rug and avoid putting materials in his mouth!

Orange Juice Turkey recipe

Ever wanted to have healthy Thanksgiving Turkey? Here is an awesome recipe.
Turkey cooked in the freshly squeezed orange juice. Super tasty and juicy!

* fresh young turkey (11lb pictured here)
* 5lb bag of oranges
* grill mate spices
* stuffing of your choice

Preheat oven to 375 F.
1) Squeeze the juice from oranges (not including skin) into a large container
2) Wash the turkey with water, remove guts, add stuffing
3) Place the turkey into a deep baking tray, sprinkle grill mate spice over it
4) Pour orange juice into the baking tray, fill in baking tray half way
5) Cover with foil completely and allow the turkey to bake like this for 3 hours.
6) After 3 hours, uncover, baste and cook for another 30 minutes until light brown

Check the temperature of the thickest part of the thigh near the bone to read 180F or if cooked with the disposable thermometer until it’s popped.

Enjoy with freshly cooked cranberry sauce and creamy mushed potatoes!!