New book: What is Peace?

My second book has just been published! What is peace?

We often hear what peace is not. Not war, not fight. But what is it? This book explains what peace is as understood by children of a preschool age. Perfect for the annual Peace Day celebration around the world.

New book by Oksana Koval

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Montessori Dictionary

I am thrilled to announce the publication of my first book “Montessori Dictionary” which will help you “speak Montessori in 20 minutes or less”. It is designed for busy parents and educators to get up to speed about Montessori in one short reading session.

Montessori Dictionary. Speak Montessori in 20 minutes or less.

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The Inquisitive WHYs

As we dive into geography mixed in with language lessons I keep getting questions from children like why does the earth fly through space? Why do platypuses lay eggs? Why is Australia so far away? Why, why, why? To a busy parent these might seem rather irritating but those are the best questions a learning child could ask and a sure sign of an inquisitive mind. Sure we don’t always have the answers, there is no shame in that. Maybe they will grow up and find them one day! 

Animals in the classroom and focusing

I noticed that on the days when Oliver comes I children are more likely to focus on their work. They try to move around the classroom with more caution and keep the noise level down. They know he has sensitive ears! He comes in from time to time and our Montessori classroom transforms into a focusing environment. Just take a look at this concentrated work: multiplication with Oliver, the dog, by your side. Notice that even the dog has to follow the rules like keeping his body off the rug and avoid putting materials in his mouth!