Animals in the classroom and focusing

I noticed that on the days when Oliver comes I children are more likely to focus on their work. They try to move around the classroom with more caution and keep the noise level down. They know he has sensitive ears! He comes in from time to time and our Montessori classroom transforms into a focusing environment. Just take a look at this concentrated work: multiplication with Oliver, the dog, by your side. Notice that even the dog has to follow the rules like keeping his body off the rug and avoid putting materials in his mouth!

Sunscreen Safety: Rule of 3

As the days are getting longer and hotter in the summer, it is very important to enjoy and stay safe in the sun. This is especially true when it comes to children. Sensitive skin, allergies and adult supervision all make sun safety even trickier. I have been working with kids for many years now and I thought I’d share with you my list of sunscreen safety.

I follow the Rule of 3.

1. Wear protective clothing. Hats, shades and longer sleeves protect better than any sunscreen.
2. Avoid sun peak hours 11:30-2:00 pm when playing outside. If you must be outside during those hours, limit your play time to 30 min and seek shaded areas. Remember, the sun is the hottest and most dangerous when it is in zenith (aka 12 pm).
3. If you do choose to use sunscreen pick the brand without harmful ingredients like: oxydenzone and retinyl palmitate as those can actually cause cancer. I saved a copy of the May issue of the Yoga Journal with an article about it. See it attached.

Please remember to stay hydrated and wash off the sunscreen after. No matter how safe, it is still a chemical on your child’s body.

Enjoy the summer!
Ms. Oksana


On “irresistible current of honesty”….

On “irresistible current of honesty”.
“It is this personal and yet universal force of life, a force often latent within the soul, that sends the world forward.” “The country stands, because the rectitude of the greater number of its employees is such that they resist the corruption of the prizes and punishments, and follow an irresistible current of honesty. Even as life in the social environment triumphs against every cause of poverty and death, and proceeds to new conquests, so the instinct of liberty conquers all obstacles, going from victory to victory.”

Maria Montessori, “The Montessori Method” Schocken Books,1964. (p.23)

This is why I love Montessori philosophy. So yogic.