On “irresistible current of honesty”….

On “irresistible current of honesty”.
“It is this personal and yet universal force of life, a force often latent within the soul, that sends the world forward.” “The country stands, because the rectitude of the greater number of its employees is such that they resist the corruption of the prizes and punishments, and follow an irresistible current of honesty. Even as life in the social environment triumphs against every cause of poverty and death, and proceeds to new conquests, so the instinct of liberty conquers all obstacles, going from victory to victory.”

Maria Montessori, “The Montessori Method” Schocken Books,1964. (p.23)

This is why I love Montessori philosophy. So yogic.

Vitamins: The Rule of 7

Vitamines are in abundance at any Walgreens or other drug stores. Clearly, we all need vitamins, but how to choose the right one? Well, since most vitamins in the pill/capsule form do not get absorbed by the body and are simply discarded as waste, fresh fruit and vegetables are the only way to go. Here is the rule of 7.

Eat at least 7 fruit or vegetables a day.
Count 1 as a full serving: 1 apple, 1 pear (or 1 cup).

Getting to 7 is not that hard.
Consider breakfast with potatoes and eggs (2 potatoes)
Banana for snack (1)
Salad with lunch or dinner (2-3 veggies)
Strawberry/orange for desert (1)
2+1+3+1 = 7

Add carrots with hummus snack and it will bring you up to 10, a healthy source of vitamins for you. Notice if your body becomes tired or sick on the days when you don’t follow the Rule of 7.
Make up for it the next day!

Stay healthy my friends.


Healthy Food Ideas

Healthy Food

This is a photo collection of healthy food ideas. Really simple and cheap. Eating right doesn't have to cost much. It is sometimes the intention and a bit of effort, but it's worth it.

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