Acupuncture really works!

If you or your pet are suffering from a chronic condition such as pain, arthritis, slipped disk, partial or full paralysis, pretty much any chronic condition not cured by traditional western medicine methods of pills and surgery, try acupuncture. It really works!
Fila, my beloved dog, lost control of his back legs 3 months ago. He could not walk and could barely stand up. Traditional vet diagnosed him with severe arthritis and a slipped disk, proposing costly ($2000) MRI and a $5000 surgery. Fila was prescribed pain killers and sleeping pills and confinement in the cage restricting his ability to move.
Aside from his lifeless appearance, feverish reaction to sedatives, loss of fluid and appetite, the cage confinement was making him weaker and weaker. Still, he was trying to escape from the cage, tearing his nose in the attempts to push through the bars.
Watching all this, I could not understand how such treatment makes sense. If he is to be able to walk, his muscles were getting atrophy from laying still. His desire to break free made me think of other treatments. Desperate, I was searching for a cure.
Then, I dawned on me.
Why haven't I thought of this before?
We went to Central Animal Hospital in Campbell, California. Dr Burger was the most helpful. After 3 sessions in the last 1.5 months, Fila had regained his ability to walk and even run. He is now on the “need to see” basis and does not require regular acupuncture treatment.
His progress inspired me to try acupuncture for myself. I will write about my own experience later.
But one thing is sure – acupuncture really works! And it is not given nearly enough credit.

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