The Inquisitive WHYs

As we dive into geography mixed in with language lessons I keep getting questions from children like why does the earth fly through space? Why do platypuses lay eggs? Why is Australia so far away? Why, why, why? To a busy parent these might seem rather irritating but those are the best questions a learning child could ask and a sure sign of an inquisitive mind. Sure we don’t always have the answers, there is no shame in that. Maybe they will grow up and find them one day! 

Animals in the classroom and focusing

I noticed that on the days when Oliver comes I children are more likely to focus on their work. They try to move around the classroom with more caution and keep the noise level down. They know he has sensitive ears! He comes in from time to time and our Montessori classsrom transforms into a focusing environment. Just are a look at this set: multiplication with Oliver by your side. Notice that even the dog has to follow the rules like keping his body off the rug and avoid putting materials in his mouth!

Face painting by Ms. Oksana

Hi there,
I enjoy face painting very much and I have been told many times to start offering it to birthday parties and other fun events. I can paint any design, object or pretty much anything your kiddo desires. (No violent images or weapons please). I use non toxic paint. I am available on weekends, but please make a reservation ahead of time. 

Email me at:

Area: Chicago NWS.

Yoga for parents – new class starts September 1.

What could be better than a relaxing yoga class for super busy parents? You are invited to a weekly series of the yoga class for busy parents. No nanny? No problem. Bring your child with you for an additional $5/per child per class a highly trained staff at the Alexander Graham Montessori school will watch your kiddo while you relax in shavasana and work on your lower back. Sounds too good to be true? It is too good and it is true. The school has a huge indoor gym where the class will take place every week on Thursdays 4-5 pm starting September 1, 2016. You have an option to do a drop in at $15 per class (childcare is extra $5) or sign up for the 9-week session for $125. Refer to this ad and get an additional $25 discount for the 9-week series and get it only for $100.

This is a gentle restorative yoga class targeted towards relieving stress and helping with back problems, specifically lower back. Participants of any level are welcome.
See you there.