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Oksana, Warrior on the rocks


Oksana Yoga program was founded by Oksana Koval in spring 2008. It is part of ICEA, international cultural and educational association. Oksana cultivates the style of vinyasa yoga with elements of dance. Her classes typically start with meditation emphasizing on breathing and continue into a flow of mindful movement and relaxation. Oksana incorporates her native Ukrainian ancient forms of healing into her gentle style of yoga, perfect for anyone who’s curious about yoga. She believes yoga comes from animals and draws from them. She communes with nature regularly and holds most of her classes in the natural setting like parks, mountain tops, lake sides and ocean shores. Oksana has taken her yogic style into the classroom. Oksana founded yoga for kids programs in the Montessori school in Pacifica, California and a Montessori school in Wheeling, IL. She also teachers yoga to Montessori teachers and other adults in small groups and private sessions.

Education & Experience

     ~100 hours in Holistic Health Studies (Eastern & Western Perspective) – San Francisco State University

•      8 months of Iyengar Yoga Institute in San Francisco (specializing in back care)

•     BA degree in Journalism – San Francisco State University

•     AA degree in Education, Multi-Subject Teaching Credentials – Ukraine

•    300+ hours in Human Psychology

•    California 30-day substitute teacher credential, grades K-12

•     Yoga practice since 2001

•     Montessori Teacher Training: Early Childhood: Practical Life 2010, Language Arts since 2011


•      Professional dancer as part of the Arabesque Belly Dance Troupe

•       Background in music and ballet

Teachers who Inspired Oksana

Marti Foster, Asia, Kathy Alief, Larisa Koval, Vera Koval, Don Menn, Tom Abrehamson, Elena Seitz, Maria Montessori…