F is for Fila – children’s book for early readers!

Learn to read with this preschool favorite book about a dog named Fila. Phonetic alphabet sounds are integrated with key words designed to practice beginning sounds of key words, teaching children how to read. Early readers will be able to read pictures before reading words. Advanced readers will enhance their vocabulary and learn more about dogs and their qualities. Excellent buy for parents and teachers. Includes 2 coloring pages, easy to copy and distribute in class.

Easy to handle format: 8×8 inches, 20 full color pages, hard cover.
Appropriate age: 3-7 years old.

Only $29.99 – all proceeds go to an educational non-profit organization ICEA.
Published by the Author, a Montessori preschool and yoga teacher – Ms. Oksana

F is for Fila children's book

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