Food tip: Stay off Sushi and Kobe Beef!

After the 9.0 earthquake and the nuclear melt down in Japan, consider staying off sushi and Kobe beef for a while. Even though FDA, CDC and pretty much any other health/nuclear authority say the radiation levels are safe and there is no reason for concern, having lived through Chernobyl, let me just say, you never know until years after and it is better to be safe than sorry.
If you are a sushi lover, like me, it may be a hard decision. But somehow, since March 11, I did not have any cravings for it. And if it is not possible to cut out seafood from your diet, then at least know where your fish comes from. Make sure you ask, where it is caught. Because your fish may be coming from Canada, but it could still be caught in or near Japan. If it is coming from China or Thailand, I wouldn't eat it either. Just because of its close proximity to the highly radioactive waters. There are plenty of ocean water near North and South America where the fish are least likely to get affected. So chose your seafood from these places.
While fish supply may or may not be coming Japan, Kobe beef is. So with Kobe burgers and such it is more clear. Stay off Kobe beef!
Other foods that may be coming from Japan are, reportedly, processed fruits and vegetables. I haven't seen any of those, but it is always a good idea to read the label.
Stay healthy and well fed.
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