Elena Seitz about private yoga sessions with Oksana

“I've known Oksana for many years as a friend and as a colleague working with international programs. Life has moved us to the opposite coasts and last summer, per my request, Oksana flew down to New Hampshire to spend 2 weeks with me doing private yoga sessions.

Prior to that I have been a member of Bally Fitness and Curves for many years. Individual private sessions with Oksana and spending time with her gave me an opportunity to understand yoga philosophy, feel my body and my soul.

I continue doing yoga to the extend that is comfortable and beneficial for me.

After our meditation sessions I discovered my painting skills. Since July, after Oksana's visit, when I did my first painting, I have been painting with so much pleasure and now I already have 60 paintings.

My payment for private yoga sessions and Oksana's air fare became a good investment in my health and soul searching.

I'm sure that individual yoga sessions and mediation are the most useful for beginners.

I recommend Oksana as an amazing young woman, master of yoga, meditation instructor and a great conversationalist.

Big thank you, Oksana!!!”

Elena Seitz, Danville, New Hampshire.


“Spring comes” by Elena Seitz, February 2010, New Hampshire.

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