10 Ways to Prepare for the Flu Season

 These tips are compiled from doctors’ advice and folk remedies. Easy, cheap and sustainable.

1) Keep your levels of vitamin D up. Spend at least 20 minutes a day in the sun during the day, sun bathing your body, not just your face. [Avoid peak sun hours: 12-2pm]

2) Eat food rich in vitamin A and C [yellow, orange color veggies like tomatoes, carrot, oranges, pumpkin]

3) Avoid public places as much as possible. Skip festivals, big gatherings of people.

4) Switch to warm dishes: soups, pasta, stews, hot tea.

5) Cut back on dairy products. Skip yogurt, ice cream, milk.

6) Dress warmer. Stay hydrated.

7) Add oils to your diet: fish oil, sesame oil, olive leaf extract.

8) Wash your hands often.

9) Get more sleep. Add at least 2 more hours to your regular sleeping time.

10) Get regular and meaningful exercise for your body, not just a workout.

And remember, progressive doctors say it's ok to get sick. It is important to stay home when sick and getting plenty of rest and liquid as in times like these our bodies rejuvenate, get stronger and leap to the next stage of development.

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