Breakfast of champions [How to]

In many cultures breakfast is the most important meal of the day and is not to be skipped, overlooked or taken for granted. A cup of coffee instead simply does not give your body the energy it needs.

This breakfast dish is full of nutrients and vitamins to get you ready to start your day. It is also easy to make.

I call it the breakfast of champions, a term that just got a whole new meaning.


On the plate:

1 organic cauliflower (boiled)

1 organic heirloom tomato (raw)

2 organic eggs (boiled)

1 small bunch of organic parsley

Add ons: Salt, black pepper, olive oil sprinkled on top

Preparation time: 10 minutes



1) Add water to medium size pot and place on the stove, turn the heat to high. Bring to boil (appx 2 minutes)

2) Add cauliflower and eggs

3) Take out eggs first. 2 minutes after boiling to have the yolks running, this provides for excellent sauce to this dish. Or 5 minutes if you want your yolks hard.

4) Slice the tomato and peal the eggs

5) Take out the cauliflower after about 8 minutes of boiling or stick a fork in it to see if it’s tender.

Viola – you’re breakfast is ready!

 PS. Many people believe it is too expensive to eat organic food, but it really depends on where you shop. I found that most small town farmer’s markets actually have lower prices than most stores. It’s a question of finding one that’s right for you.

In Pacifica, there is a farmer’s market every Wednesday at Rockaway Beach.

Here is the price of this dish by item:

1 organic cauliflower – 50cent

1 organic heirloom tomato -$1 (they are $2 per pound right now)

2 organic eggs  – 50cent each x 2 = $1

1 small bunch of organic parsley  – 25cent

Total: $2.75

Not bad, isn’t it??