Loving the Fog in Pacifica

Posted on: July 31st, 2009 by
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Some people
are afraid of fog, maybe for a good reason. They say it’s cold and it makes it
hard to see around you. But when it comes to Oksana Yoga, she really knows how
to make the most of it. She says she loves it. Here is why…

“I know
practicing yoga in the fog may scare some people, but for me it is a blessing,”
says Oksana.

“Any day and
time, got some fog? – I’ll take it!” she smiles.

believes that the fog provides not only the protective energy shield from the “noise
of the world”, it also serves as a nurturing blanket, bringing moisture to your
body, which is excellent for your skin. 

“We often
don’t realize it, but we live in the upper layer of the ocean. So when the fog
comes in from the ocean, it is connecting us to the rest of what we know as

Aside from
helping with the meditation part of the practice, the fog also brings the essence
of the herbs concealed in the water molecules, which is healing for the body,
mind and soul.

“Come and
try it some times with me,” she winks.


Welcome to Oksana Yoga 🙂


Oksana loving the fog in Pacifica, CA

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