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Montessori Dictionary. Speak Montessori in 20 minutes or less.



Oksana was born in Ukraine and speaks her Native Russian and Ukrainian languages as well as English. She is often described by others as a “dreamer”, full of ideas, always thriving with creativity. Influenced by Vinyasa and supported by Iyengar, her style of yoga is very gentle and therapeutic. Nature, animals, children and teachers are her inspirations. She teaches yoga to both children and adults.

* Certified yoga instructor by mini yogis, children 3-8 years old, Yoga Garden Studio, SF, CA.
* CPR Certified
* Certified by AMS as Montessori Teacher (Early Childhood)
* Graduated Kiev Pedagogical College, Diploma: Teacher of Primary Education and Teacher of Foreign Language
* Attended Kiev State University, studied Psychology and Social Work
* Graduated San Francisco State University BA in Journalism
* Trained by Asia and Arabesque Belly Dance Troupe since 2007
* Studied Holistic Health (Eastern and Western perspective) at San Francisco State University
* Studied yoga for back care at Yoga Institute, San Francisco, CA
* Studied hatha yoga at Skyline College, San Mateo, CA
* Yoga practice since 2001
* Yoga training combined hours exceed 200
* Teaching yoga to kids since 2011

* Teaching dance to kids since 2018

* Cued speech proficient (intermediate level)

New Students
All students must be referred by previous client, studio or a school.
If you are a new student and not referred by anyone, please contact ICEA first.

Teachers who inspired Oksana
Maria Montessori, Marti Foster, Asia, Kathy Alief, Larisa Koval, Vera Koval, Don Menn, Tom Abrehamson, Elena Seitz, Ms. Dolores Rosales, Mr. Rolando Rosales, Shana with mini yogis, Ann Gavey, Anni Tervydis and many others.